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Here you will find the collection of publications and reports dating from the organization’s inception in 2017, all the way up to the present day. Check out some of our angel encounters.

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If you’re from Caddo Mills, Texas then you know Curly B. a special needs Godly soul who loves and prays for everyone. Pictured is his Sister Cora and her son Ray. Everyone knew him but not everyone knew he lived with NO RUNNING WATER. For 2 years Cj and her family delivered 15 gallons of water to the home until she was able to get them moved in 2019. They now reside in Greenville, in a lovely home with heat, air and water. Curly is still praying for everyone, we facebook post when their will be a Curly sighting near you, like and follow our page and stay connected.
(When a hero is living without water, this is the best example of our disconnect, showing our dire need in the community to come together, know the needs and meet them)


A 4-tour Vietnam Veteran and his wife lost EVERYTHING in a house fire as renters. After losing their home to a fire this sweet humble couple were forced to the only place to go being a mold infested backyard trailer. With the help and support from those involved we were able to relocate them only a street away from Curley B. Check out the video below to see the journey.



It started with laundry and that was our foot in the door, looking around we saw that Ms. Prichard needed help, an out of the situation she was living in. Roof caving in, floor falling through, and no way to do laundry, we saw the need and opened our arms. Carolyn is now moved to a new apartment where she can live comfortably closer to family and into a community that can enjoy her fresh baking and beautiful smile.

Angel sightings and updates; past, present and future 

Happening Now


Success: Angel Assignment Family Stranded, Rescued!! Happy sparkles in their eyes and on their faces. 10 year old will start school in August from his new home!

(We still need 2 beds and clothes). But dangerous situation is resolved, their safe. Hallelujah!


We were grateful to bless these kids with the supplies they need, and a couple of fun toys to. Losing your parents and home is a hard situation to adapt to. The smiles on their faces and light in their eyes when surprised with gifts is a priceless reason to keep giving.


Kenneth and Wanda live happily after the long journey to their new home

A Bedroom

Angel Call Teen help: CPS called us and asked for help. (Easiest Angel call yet) 14 yr old girl has experienced more of this world then we would ever want for a 14 yr. Young lady. She had no space in the home. Sleeping on couch and she needed a safe space. Basic need we take for granted. So we came we handled. (Property division cleaned up all around the home it was in need of love). She now enjoys the comfort, and privacy of her  bedroom.

With Money We Provide

Full Groceries.jpg

Basic Needs like Toilet Paper and Food

We are grateful to fill the gap and gift families what they need

Sometimes we need a helping hand to do some shopping, if this calls out to you reach out to us if you would like to help fill a need like this one


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